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So bad that it is worse then bad.
Wow, Modest let a pug ninja defuse twice on lan and then he took out his anger on his Icemat headphones. He is terrabad.
by naisyle June 07, 2006
This word is a mix between terrible and bad. Also meaning bad luck.
"Dude, you are terrabad at air hockey."
by Alec Neapolitan March 24, 2008
A mixture of 'terrible' and 'bad'. That something is terribly bad, lame, or incredibly sucks.
Faith: So, how was your date last night?

Devon: It was terrabad! I swear, I have talked to rocks more interesting!

Brody: Shit! I forgot to study for the chem test!

Devon: Oh man, terrabad.
by Awesome.Possum July 29, 2009
Being both "Terrible" and "Bad" to the Earth. Not to be confused with Terribad.
That guy just dropped a candy wrapper on the ground, he's terrabad.
by Anonymous56432 August 08, 2012