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The act of being terrible and bad at the same time.
morgue fillers is a terribad dod clan.
by TravisLOLHI September 08, 2005
Something so bad or terrible that each word cannot describe it separately.
Rob: My brand new car just got totaled!
Bob: That's terribad!
by foxracer1119 September 12, 2007
Someone/thing who is terrible and bad at the same time.
This example is Terribad.
by RegginBmud January 27, 2009
Really fucking bad.
"Did you get Fall Out Boy's new album?!"

by Veesixty December 20, 2008
The act of being not only terrible but bad at the same time on a certain subject.
Ms. Dartnell is terribad at teaching! that is why i have a bad grade.

You are A#1 Terribad for doing that!
by nihongene December 18, 2007
an adjective meaning terribly bad
ms chow is terribad
by koolkoreankelvin April 21, 2010
a combination of two simple words, terrible, and bad creating the masterpiece terribad.
your terribad at cod 4 you novice.
That kid is terribad, we should kill him.
by Dusty wusty May 14, 2009

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