a silly rabbit from vegas who likes computors and joeys and kooties
ahhhhh what the tep!!!
by gian May 28, 2004
Top Definition
a tep is a typical english paki or totally ethnic person. it is mainly used to describe asians that think they are gangsters, but theyre not.
"Wah u sayin g, lets listen to some bangra yo cos i is a tep"
by Noonehasthisname123321456 February 27, 2009
a british asian word used to define a person born in india and has moved to the uk. usually laffed at.
wotta tep, u tep, tep alert!,
by blingin July 15, 2005
a phrase used by brit south asians (indian, pakistani, bengali) meaning someone who is excessively into their culture in a sad way.
guy 1: u seen that girl ? shes obsessed with bollywood and curry !
guy 2 : yeah, shes such a tep bhai!
by mi kyoung April 08, 2011
Teps is what is used if you see a typical asian wearing reeboks with asian clothes. Or having a really bad english accent. Also if they are acting asian in any way. - usually used for pakistanis but it is versatile.
"omg what a tep, lol"
"did you check dat chick? what a tep man"
by sickgyal April 03, 2010
an expression of laughter pronounced exactly as spelled and often repeated in fives; also often used to replace "lol" in online conversation.
mel: "wow, my chocolate milk just spilled all over me."
cat: "tep tep tep tep tep."
by catplusmel July 10, 2008
a tool used mainly for anal probing.
alien1: hand me that tep so i can probe this guman
alien2: k
by gian May 26, 2004

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