a silly rabbit from vegas who likes computors and joeys and kooties
ahhhhh what the tep!!!
by gian May 28, 2004
Top Definition
a tep is a typical english paki or totally ethnic person. it is mainly used to describe asians that think they are gangsters, but theyre not.
"Wah u sayin g, lets listen to some bangra yo cos i is a tep"
by Noonehasthisname123321456 February 27, 2009
a british asian word used to define a person born in india and has moved to the uk. usually laffed at.
wotta tep, u tep, tep alert!,
by blingin July 15, 2005
a phrase used by brit south asians (indian, pakistani, bengali) meaning someone who is excessively into their culture in a sad way.
guy 1: u seen that girl ? shes obsessed with bollywood and curry !
guy 2 : yeah, shes such a tep bhai!
by mi kyoung April 08, 2011
Teps is what is used if you see a typical asian wearing reeboks with asian clothes. Or having a really bad english accent. Also if they are acting asian in any way. - usually used for pakistanis but it is versatile.
"omg what a tep, lol"
"did you check dat chick? what a tep man"
by sickgyal April 03, 2010
(Adjective) A word used to describe the behavior of a person who fails at life by continually giving the least amount of effort to complete any task. To be lukewarm, as in a shortened version of tepid. Also, colloquially a term used by the employees of a local casino to describe a certain level of laziness within the workforce. To be tep, tepping, teppering (verb); tepper (noun)
Stop being a tep, go back and repaint that fence Tom.

Susan is such a tep, she barely passed her finals.

You're teppering my study time with your loud mouth.

Tepper, come get that trash off my porch.
by Xtinabuena May 01, 2015
an expression of laughter pronounced exactly as spelled and often repeated in fives; also often used to replace "lol" in online conversation.
mel: "wow, my chocolate milk just spilled all over me."
cat: "tep tep tep tep tep."
by catplusmel July 10, 2008
a tool used mainly for anal probing.
alien1: hand me that tep so i can probe this guman
alien2: k
by gian May 26, 2004
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