a disappointed yes
Neal: Have I stolen your word?
Kirsty: Tep..
by ::Mute:: February 19, 2004
(Adjective) A word used to describe the behavior of a person who fails at life by continually giving the least amount of effort to complete any task. To be lukewarm, as in a shortened version of tepid. Also, colloquially a term used by the employees of a local casino to describe a certain level of laziness within the workforce. To be tep, tepping, teppering (verb); tepper (noun)
Stop being a tep, go back and repaint that fence Tom.

Susan is such a tep, she barely passed her finals.

You're teppering my study time with your loud mouth.

Tepper, come get that trash off my porch.
#failure #disappointment #mediocre #lackluster #complacent #tepp #tepper #sexual ambiguity #destitute #lazy #unkempt #maladjusted.
by Xtinabuena May 01, 2015
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