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greenhorn, neophyte, boy scout of lower rank than an Eagle Scout.
I got my merit badges but not enough to become an Eagle Scout.
by millwoody4x4 June 24, 2005
greenhorn neophyte
One who is inexperienced.
One who has limited experience.
A boy scout who has not earned enough merit badges to quailfy as an Eagle Scout.
One who has injured a foot.
I won't kick your butt right now because I have a tenderfoot.
by millwoody4x4 June 26, 2005
an inexperienced person, a newcomer
Though he has skills to succeed, he still behaves like a tenderfoot.
by Light Joker December 30, 2005
The first rank to be earned upon entering Boy Scouts.
"Damnit Joe, this goes by rank, tenderfoots in back."
by Mr. Stoner July 24, 2005