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7 definitions by millwoody4x4

greenhorn neophyte
One who is inexperienced.
One who has limited experience.
A boy scout who has not earned enough merit badges to quailfy as an Eagle Scout.
One who has injured a foot.
I won't kick your butt right now because I have a tenderfoot.
by millwoody4x4 June 26, 2005
14 3
A prehistoric fish that can live in salt or fresh water.
After I set the hook Diamondsides came to the deck and tailwalked 10 yards before snapping my line.
by millwoody4x4 June 24, 2005
6 0
STURGEON Prehistoric monster that scares the shit out of silly little girls and boys.
A prehistoric fish that lives in fresh and salt water. When Diamondsides tailwalked on the end of my line, my girlfriend screamed in fear and hid in the bushes.
by millwoody4x4 June 26, 2005
3 0
Sturgeon: A fresh and saltwater fish with diamond shaped scales. diamondsides = nickname. "Whites" get bigger than "greens", but mostly you can't catch whites. Bottom feeders by design, hard to catch fun to play on a line.
My friends wife hooked a sturgeon but had never seen one. She pulled it up to the boat, took one look at it, screamed, threw the pole in the water, and jumped to the other side of the boat almost in tears. She did set the hook though.
by millwoody4x4 August 26, 2005
12 10
A person who lives in the town of Millwood, near the city of Spokane, in the state of Washington.
I am a millwoody and I am damned proud of it. It's a hundred times better than living in Athol Idaho where the Athols live.
by millwoody4x4 June 26, 2005
2 0
greenhorn, neophyte, boy scout of lower rank than an Eagle Scout.
I got my merit badges but not enough to become an Eagle Scout.
by millwoody4x4 June 24, 2005
6 4
A town in north Idaho. Also where Athols live. A mispronunciation made by hairlips and drunks.
Have you seen that Athol in Idaho?
If you live in north Idaho you might be an Athol.
by millwoody4x4 August 26, 2005
21 20