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A midsize car that Ford introduced in 1984 available in 4-door or 2-door. It was the design example to the Ford Taurus which came out in 1986. In the late 80s and early 90s it was one of the top selling sedans in North America but sadly production of the vehicle ended in 1994. It tops out at just under 90 mph and is also refered to as a "put-put" but it gets the driver where they need to go and the car resale is minimal at around $700 tops.
Wow, that Tempo is a piece of crap! I'd rather ride a pink bicycle!
by Brown Town January 26, 2006
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speed. Used often in music to describe how fast a song is in the number of beats per minute.
The orchestra song was played at a slow tempo to create a relaxing mood.
by AYB February 26, 2003
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David Sánchez Badillo (born 1979 in Ponce, Puerto Rico), known publicly as Tempo, is a reggaeton and rap artist.

When he was 5 years old, he moved to New York City where he lived for 4 years. When he returned, he studied for a short time at the Escuela Libre de Música Juan Morel Campos. In 1989, with only 11 years, he started composing his first rap songs, using his environment and surroundings as inspirationcitation needed. He is also a natural percussionist, participating in several talent shows as a kid.

Tempo first appeared in DJ Joe's album “DJ Joe 4”. Due to business problems he separates from DJ Joe's crewcitation needed. In 1998 he appeared in “Time to Kill” and became friends with DJ Playero. As a result of this new friendship he joined Playeros team in “Playero 41”, where songs like Ya llego la hora featuring Getto and Bailando quiero Verlascitation needed. Tempo also collaborated with Mexicano 777 in Hagan Ruido Las Pistolas on his album “Entre el Bien y el Mal”. By this time TEMPO was causing great commotion in Puerto Rico with his explicit violent lyrics. Due to this controversy Buddha's production produced Tempo's first solo album “Game Over”citation needed. He was part of Buddha's Family alongside Getto & Gastam, Dj Black, and Artilleria Secreta (Kingtana & Big Lu). Donde Estan las Girlas, Narcohampon and Ven y Baila are just a few of the hits that Game Over contained. This album reached gold status at the same time he became a father for the first timecitation needed.

In 2000, he released his new album, New Game, with the participation of Maicol y Manuel, Baby Rasta y Gringo, and fellow Buddha's Family members, Gastam y Ghetto. Meanwhile, he's still feuding with artists like Master Joe & OG Black, Daddy Yankee, (although this feud has faded out ever since Tempo was sentenced to jail, to the point in which Daddy Yankee is paying for the legal fees of Tempo's lawyers and he also part of El Cartel Records ) among otherscitation needed.

He produced and participated in Buddha's Family album that also reached gold status and two platinum. Because of his affiliation with Buddha's family he later became entangled in the infamous Pina Records VS Buddha's Family rivalrycitation needed. It was also during this time that TEMPO feuded with Lito y Polaco, leading to quite possibly the most talked about feud in reggaeton. Lito y Polaco, mainly Polaco, released several diss tracks against Tempo, who immediately fought backcitation needed. Lito Y Polaco ceased to record diss tracks towards Tempo once he was arrested as they believed that it was not fair if Tempo could not respondcitation needed. Today the has been squashed with Lito Mc Cassidy appearing in Ñengo Flow's Hasta Que Te Lo Hunda video (which featured Polaco) alongside the late Buddha, also Polaco stating on a radio interview that he would be open to make a song with Tempo and even shouting "Free Tempo!" on some of his concerts. He recently collaborated with Hector El Father & Yomo in a track dissing Don Omar and also made a song by himself dissing Don Omar.
"Lyrically theres no one better than TEMPO in reggeaton today"
"Your on the throne now only cause TEMPO's locked up"
by J ReMeDy June 13, 2008
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Also the sweetest and pimpinnest car around
Cruisin in tha phatty Tempo!
by Sir Gary coleman August 01, 2003
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by shortman009 June 19, 2007
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EPIC AWESOMENESS. Just pure 100% wonderfulocity
Me: Bro whats up?
Friend: Just tryna be Tempo
Me: Thats whats up
by 13-XIII-13 November 12, 2011
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Because anyone can race in their Mustang, No One Supscts The Tempo.
by V8FordTempo November 06, 2003
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