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Nickname for any cool motherfucker thats below 6ft tall. Normally has good hair and is of African American or Spanish decent, Is a Facebook God.
Girl 1: Who's that?

Girl 2 : Oh thats Lito.

Girl 1: Oh ,my god i wanna fuck his brains out.
by DaMethGod January 13, 2011
to reject or decline someone when your in the wrong;
pulling a lito: you've got the wrong number sorry this is blah blah.
by juice123 April 03, 2012
to Laugh In The Open.
my friend said the funniest thing today, I was lito-ing all over the place.
by litomaster January 09, 2011
Often refers to a computer or pair of shoes. Two completely different things but if your talking about one or the other you can obviously tell which one your talking about.
I'm grounded off the lito cause my mom saw me looking at porn...DAM no more myspace...


I got new litos! My old ones had holes in them, lame.
by DOT HUSS. January 11, 2006
A fucking dam snitch.Stupid 10 year old girl thinks shes all
that.Making her name and herself look bad.TOTTALLY
-I TELLING YOU!!Lito da fag bitch
by Scarlet123 May 23, 2009
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