'Telly' is the slang term for a women, usually middle aged who has developed low hanging tits (boobs if you're American) and a large belly (or gut). This results in one more complete bulge of tits and belly combined, hence 'telly' tits and belly.
Geez look at that that woman, she's got a telly! you can no longer define her tits from her belly!
by Manthos March 11, 2013
A party at a hotel where it includes alcohol and drugs. Usually Teenagers do it.

Man 1- Let's have a telly for Jordan's B-day

Man 2- I'm Down. I'll have my cousin buy the drinks.
by charleeeene July 10, 2008
Slang for a Hotel Party.
1. Im throwin a phat telly tonight.
2. That telly was off the hook.
3. They got kicked out of the Telly.
by Sally Sells Sea Shells May 08, 2006
Slang for old an fashioned rotary telephone
Someone pick up the telly and see who it is
by BMoney January 27, 2005
A schizophrenic muppet who worries about everything.

Featured on the popular American television series for children, "Sesame Street."
Zoe: Let's play with umbrellas today, yayyy!


Zoe: Fuck off, Telly. I'm more popular than you anyway.
by Joel April 14, 2005
a pimp ass guy who gets all the ladies for an unkown reason, since he is not particularly good looking. He especially likes younger girls and taking virginity. He most likely has many sexually transmitted diseases.
"eww that guy is so telly"

"man he took how many v-cards? what a fuckin' telly!"
by telly February 08, 2007
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