A babies' program that has 4 weird fat things called Tinky Winky, Dipsy, LaLa and Po. They are 4 different colours, Purple, Green, Yellow and Red. They live in a strange looking house that is in the middle of a field, and they have a Sun which has a baby head on it.
The Teletubbies are one weird program.
by Psycho Bitch April 15, 2004
Four colored freaks that have TVs on their stomachs and don't talk right

They also look at a fucked up baby head on a sun
The purple teletubbie is EXTREMELY fruity

Hey, look at that fucked up baby head from the crap TV show teletubbies
by 2cool4skool November 08, 2003
A show rumored to be used as part of the repetoire of various torture methods at terrorist prison camps like "Gitmo" and Abu Ghraib. The hapless victim is tied to a chair while the show continuously plays on loop for a total of 72 hours consecutively with the volume cranked all the way. The subject usually breaks within 16 hours and is induced with severe symdromes of PTSD and dementia.
Teletubbies is an excellent torture method: kid-tested, mother-approved.
by I-cannot-believe-it's-not-butter! December 06, 2005
Four Reasons for People slowly going insane and commiting suicide
Narrator: one day in the teletubbies sad world of astro-turf I commited suicide because I CAN'T TAKE THIS SHIT ANYMORE HELLLLLLLLLLLLLP!!!!
by Glenn Daly September 28, 2005
A TV show for children. But be forwarned because, title misleading, this show is NOT about fat people that can move objects with their minds. Instead of that fantastic idea for a show, the truth is that it's about four dome-dwelling anthropomorphic creatures that look like the unholy offspring of human, monkey, and felt. These horrendous characters bare the names of "Tinky-Winky", "Dipsy", "Laa-Laa", and "Po" (upon investigation, it has been found that Tinky-Winky is in fact homosexual. This was discovered by the fact that he carries a purse and has an upside-down triangle atop an antenna on his head). The show is about the immature adventures they have as a probable after-effect of the various psychedellic drugs they have, no doubt, ingested. They play in a grassy land where it is always spring, whilst narration is spoken in the background. The thing that freaks me out most is the sun. What's so freaky about a sun, you ask? Well for starters, the sun is nothing more than a yellow, projected baby's face. It's true. Need I say more? Probably, so I'll tell you this: if you ever feel the urge to watch this show, see a psychiatrist. If you're a child and you have an urge to watch Teletubbies, go ahead, it might be educational. On the other hand, it WAS created likely by speed addicts. Oh well.
Guy: "Hey, wanna watch Teletubbies?"
Guy2: "No way. That shit's for kids."
Guy: "Oh. Well lets get high and watch Speed Racer!"
Guy2: "Kay"
(Later that night the Teletubbies broke into their house and killed them, and no one cared because everyone knows Teletubbies is the ONLY show to watch while high!)
by Mbleh October 06, 2007
4 unspecified beasts created by some person fucked up on LSD, there are 2 male telitubbies Tiny-Winky and La-la and 2 female Po and Dipsy, often accompanied by a vacuum cleaner with a pathetic drug induced name and a sun with a babys face. if your not a baby then youve gotta be a regular pothead and/or acidhead to watch yet alone understand this show
JEFF: dude, ive been dropping acis at riverbank - Might watch some teletubbies
BRIAN: wait dude, your like 21 years old, why watch the teletubbies?
JEFF: Cos im fucked out on acid and its the only show i understand.
by Brother Number One June 19, 2005
four reasons why our children end up gay/mentally retarded.
the teletubbies give each other oral sex and worship a sun that is a FUCKING BABY! OMG the baby is a god!
by meh June 16, 2006
Designed for the gay, stoned and children under 7. Commonly annouced as one of the gayest shows in the history of television entertainment. Exmaple of gayness: The Noo-noo (which young children use to say privates for example my no no spot- and incase your wondering The Noo-noo is a vacuum) recored by what sounds like someone getting a blow job, the triangle and last but not the least the gay names... hence tinky winky...
Dipsy: Hey Twinky Winky lets try and make the sounds that The Noo-noo makes!
Tinky Winky: Ok!!
Later on: Slurp Slurp Gulp Gulp!
Dipsy: Wow that was fun!
Tinky Winky: Wow use teletubbies sure are gay Dispy!
Dipsy: Damn straight!
by Cactusmang March 30, 2006
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