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Tein is a suspension company that orginated in japan. They are famous for their green proudct color. ANd they created E.D.F.C.
im putting tein coilovers on my S2000
by vtec July 09, 2006
Tein as in 'ten', word which is used by chavs. If put at the end of another word it literally means 'not'. So if your skinny tein you are actually fat.
Hair tein, face tein, skinny tein
by homo & mo fo March 07, 2007
A word put on the end of a phrase that you want to make mean the opposite. Mainly used in the East Hertfordshire & West Essex region of England.
'That chick is fit tein'
'Woah that guy is skinny tein'
by vtyvtyvty March 29, 2008

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