around the ages of 11 - 18 and they smoke, do weed and drink just because all there little friends do it and think they no everyone when really they only no people because there sluts and just want in. they have been out with everyone and think everyone is there bestfriend and they have sex in toilets and hide shit from there bestfriends which have told them not to do it but they dont listen, and they lie about everything and there parents have no idea. there usualy hang out at popular places and are in big groups smokeing.
by popwashere January 13, 2012
1) A retarded teenage girl who judges bands/singers based entirely on looks

2)The opposite of jailbait- a girl who looks underage but is over 18

Me: Shut up you retarded teenie bitch

2) Damn teenie girls are taking over all the porn sites because every pedobear out there is paying to see some 4-foot ho with tiny tits
by Pedro Barius February 18, 2011
Teenies: These little colourful creatures tend to be very annoying and are hated by townies. They're seen as wannabe 'scene kids' that usually like a band because of the way they look and not because of the music they produce. & they tend to want to bang the lead singer of every band the real scene kids love. They have different coloured shoe laces and neon coloured clothes, they wear about 3 studed belts and they wear bright coloured, or black skinnies, around their knees with brightly coloured underwear showing.
H3yyyyy b4byyyyyyeyyyyy, y0urrrr h4wttttttt

fuckoff, teenie!
by i'kiiiii youuuu November 29, 2009
Stupid little girls between the ages of 10-15
they like bands, such as fall out boy or MCR or green day, just because they think one member is hot, and they are sooooo gonna mary them! Like Omfg! They drive real fans insane. Another defenition is a greenie bopper , which is a teenie that likes green day, just because they saw american idiot video on mtv, and think Billie joe is "Totally like Hawt!! oMFg!"
they usually copy fashion they see in magazines like pink leggings, ballet pumps, and a top that says little devil or daddys princess ect, instead of making their own style and being unique. They only like things because its 'hawt or popular'.
teenie also say stuff like Omfg! (oh my f****** god) and omg! and Lyke that rawks!)

they also stereyotype people,like just cos ur wearing black theyll be all omfg ur such an emo!
teenie: Omfg have u seen the american idiot vid? Like, am soooo gonna marry billy jo! Hes so friggin hawt!!!
me: Its BILLIE JOE. learn 2 spell u freak. do u like green day then?
them: who? omg all i like, said was that i like billy jo. whos green day?
by UltimateSaint August 29, 2007
a young looking coquetish 18 or 19 year old who shaves her pussy and wears thongs.
Dam! I pulled down that teenies see-thru thong and her pussy was as smooth as a cue ball!
by saul greenberger August 20, 2007
1. a girl who wears an inch of padding

2. a wannabe whore who says she'll do anything but wouls never go farther than 1st base
1."her boobs are only big because she stuffs"

2."look at that teenie over there! she's such a whore!"
by bob May 11, 2004
OMG, did u hear? Joel is dating Hilary Duff. I was SO anti Hilary Duff be4 that!
by Michelle The Pirate July 10, 2004

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