cum that is dripping down lower part of a persons body example: leg, inner thigh
i love watching tee tee run down my girls thighs
by Tyler Vaungh June 10, 2008
Top Definition
Child speak for urination.
When we would go camping in the woods, and I had to tee tee, I would ask my daddy, and he would tell me to go tee tee down by the creek.
by Scott1024 April 17, 2006
(verb) A very genteel southern term for urination. Used for both sexes in childhood, used by women throughout their lives. Tee tee comes from the tee-hiny. A person who would use this term would never let the coarsely vulgar "pee" ever cross their lips.
"I have to tee tee so bad - I hope that fat lady in the left stall and the woman with three little children in the right one will hurry up," said Velva Mae to her sister Venery Ann.
by Marthakay September 03, 2007
Verb: To use the restroom. Usually used by females.
I have to go teetee!
by sdigity April 30, 2007
n. teeh-teeh-z.

A cuter way of saying titties!... and a less gross way.

Yay! Boobs for everyone!


Guy 2: "Uh, excuse me. Calm yo teetees!

Guy 1: "Alright."
by poopy bunghole March 25, 2009
an ethnic person who is really unco.
Also TT or tidee
omg jeff! yous a teetee, bro!
whos a tt?? yous a tt!
by tha wok boy March 17, 2006
When you throw a triple twenty while playing darts
Dude, he just threw another tee-tee. I think we lost.
by kinetics826 October 29, 2014
A grown man wearing a small child's t-shirt.
Damn, look at all the body hair on that tee tee!
by Bean Machine February 28, 2006
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