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A overpriced stupid cookie shaped like a goddamn bear.
"I can't get this fucking bag of teddy grahams open because they package the thing shut with fucking superglue." Said Joe
by DavX0r September 26, 2003
A snack that Homestarrunner loves spitting all over Strong Bad's basement.
It was not so long ago that I was in Strong Bad's basement, spitting Teddy Grahams all over the place, when one of em' got stuck in the ceiling...
by Danny Peterson January 27, 2004
verb: to draw a masturbating teddy bear and then sneak it into someone's stuff


verb: to dress up in a bear costume, ring a doorbell, and then pretend to beat off when people answer the door
When that girl looks away, I'm going to teddy graham her purse.
by TeddyGraham March 09, 2010
A Bear type homosexual, i.e. lots of body hair, usually with a full beard, who is a vegetarian and wears bikenstocks.
"Hey Ned, have you seen the new Teddy Graham working at Whole Foods? Totally cute!"
by goatsbane June 16, 2009
Chubby white girl with a tan.
She's cute in the face but I don't mess with Teddy Graham's.

Black men love Teddy Graham's.

I got a Honey Graham but all of her friends are Teddy Graham's.
by Kaef Black October 03, 2014