The black sheep of the Kennedy family.
Ted Kennedy is a fat, babbling, drunken liberal bastard who is an embarrassment not only to his family, but to every Democrat as well. He's hard to understand sometimes when he's making public speeches. That is usually because he's doing it after drinking half the inventory in a liqour store.
Ted Kennedy woke up one morning after a long night of heavy boozing. He looked over, and his liver was sitting beside him drinking a cup of coffee.
by Ryan August 13, 2004
Boozehound/Murderer/Heart attack waiting to happen.
Don't hate me. That muthaf***er let a woman drown.
by bigtones August 31, 2004
A cocktail made with vodka, Sprite (or other lemon-line soda), and grenadine. Basically a Shirley Temple with vodka. So named because girls named Mary Jo love to kill these drinks at parties, and Ted Kennedy killed a girl named Mary Jo after a party.
Me: I'll have a turkey 101, double, and my wife will have a Ted Kennedy.
Bartender: Done.
by j-mose April 13, 2011
A drowning death, usually involving foul play.
I saw this movie where this guy tried to tedkennedy this girl, but she managed to find an air pocket in the boat and she ultimately escaped and put him in prison.
by meoky September 03, 2009
Another name for Jabba The Hut.
Jabba The Hut, I Mean Ted Kennedy, leads an organization of criminals and does weird, twisted things deep within a heavily guarded compound.
by oljedi July 11, 2005
1. Senator from MASS.
2. Murder
3. Reason why MASS should not have a Senator
4. Back stabbing piece of shit! Ask Bill Clinton.
5. One of the world's worst drivers.
6. Good swimmer
Liberal: Ted Kennedy was voted one of the nicest senators!

Conservative: I know, I hear he is so nice he loves to give staffers rides home after parties.
by Toledo Guy July 26, 2008
The senator of Massachusetts. He is a worthless $hitbag who doesn't deserve to clean bathrooms at McFaty's, but still goes there to eat every day for 4 of his meals(He goes to Cholesterol King for his other 3). He hates Bush because he's jealous that people don't hate him as much. He's worse then John Kerry. His father was involved in international crime and his brother(not John) was a womanizer. And you just thought it couldn't get any worse? He also muderred his wife while he was drunk, but nobody pressed charges. And finally, to top it all off, THIS ASSHOLE JUST WON'T DIE! You can put a bullet through his skull and he still is going to live to torture the city of Boston.
Ted Kennedy.see also: Drunk, McFaty's,Liberal, Boston, shitbag.
by Hell Yeah I'm American! July 13, 2005

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