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Mary Jo means pure honesty and love. Mary Jo's usually have blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. The magical thing about Mary Jo's is that they are ageless. They just stay youthful and appealing no matter how many years pass.
You know, I always believe her because she's always Mary Jo.

She's almost 50 but she still looks Mary Jo.

I Mary Jo you more than anything in the world.
by MoJoVanWo July 11, 2009
Meaning: Mary: (Hebrew) Either "wished for child," "rebellious" or "bitter"; Mary is the mother of Jesus

Jo: (Hebrew) God is gracious (shortened version of Joanne. It could the shortened variation of a number of names.)

Character: Mary Jo, the lottery girl
Mary Jo isn't necessarily used for skanks or scary people you dumbasses.
by harrypottereatscats April 15, 2009
A Maryjo is a person with curly hair and brown eyes. They are always funny but sometimes can act like a bitch. You can always be friend with a Maryjo.
The new girl is such a Maryjo.
by mysterygirl14 February 10, 2010
A Maryjo has brown hair, green eyes, and is a Jersey girl. She loves to have fun, can be funny, always has a smile for you and will always be your friend and confidante. Yes, she can be a bitch, only when she is trying to get a point across and fights for what she believes in.
My best friend is such a Maryjo.
by spiritually embodied February 22, 2010
A big boobed, fat assed bitch who thinks she's cool because she comes from a town that smells of old cheese and farts, she also drives a piece of shit car and looks like a pig/cow mix. Oh and gives awesome blowjobs!
Hey, look at that car!
Yeah, it's such a mary jo!

Bend over baby and show me that mary jo!
by Isah Goldman March 24, 2011
A dumb chick that thinks she's hot when she's really not.Weighs as much as an elephant and never uses deodorant,and cakes on the make up to look "pretty".
yea, she is definitely a Mary Jo.
by Welliguessyouareamaryjo July 16, 2011
a complete roller and a hoe and has big boobs and is a roller
you see that girl over there?

yeah what about her?

shes a mutha fuckin mary jo,that whore
by Ozell and cardell January 16, 2009
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