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a type of synthesized music often used for dancing.
Well, its not really my style, but one time I heard this techno song once and it was like...
do do do do do do do
And then it was like. . .
dollllli do dollllli do. . .
by Fatass February 13, 2003
Goes like this boop, boop boop, boop boop, boop boop, boop boop, then goes like this dus, dus, dus, then deeti deet deeti deet, then repeats over in infinite loop with some old sci-fi quotes in it like but neccesary; "The system is down", "The system is down", "The system is down" with some Doota-Doota Root, dee dudda da-ree doot, doot
Cool Person:
Techno is Awsome

Dude, its like one note repeating over and over for ten minutes straight

Cool Person:
Thats what makes it awsome, You Retard
by Hot and Lucious May 31, 2005
also spoken in redneckus:
Techno yeehaw!
by CaLviN May 07, 2003
1) Monotonous, but very catchy beats
2) My alternative when I'm not listening to rap or 80's rock
1) Daft Punk
by MayGah February 08, 2004
get a techno beat + hippie lyrics = Technippie.
Wow, dude did you hear that sound? That was so technippie!
by Lizzie February 14, 2004
a genre of music which basically an evolved form of disco if you think about it. it is mad up of synthesized drums and samples of beats. and sometimes has a girl singing.
some sub genre's of techno are rave,house,trance.
by JeVoNeR December 10, 2003
pikey sounds used to annoy the upper-middle classes
we had a 20k rig, dog fighting an' all on that cunts farm.
by gavin September 14, 2003