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Real Techno Is .
by Minimal December 19, 2003
its a neopet.
Really! Ot is! its like a reptile thingy.
by KawaiiAnime December 14, 2003
a genre of music which basically an evolved form of disco if you think about it. it is mad up of synthesized drums and samples of beats. and sometimes has a girl singing.
some sub genre's of techno are rave,house,trance.
by JeVoNeR December 10, 2003
adj. retarded, not cool, antithesis of something dank
Having a curfew is so techno.
Techno music is way techno
by ikilledkenny September 07, 2005
An adjective meaning sex. When used in any sentence, it means "that is sex or that is so sex."
Dude, that cd is so techno! (Dude, that cd is so sex!)
by Arianna February 08, 2005
A type of music that originated from the United Kingdom thrue hardcore which is what most modern techno like trance and even jungle/drumand bass is based on. Really good shit. espacally old techno that was created during the uprising of hardcore (1994-1998)
by littleevillebrican August 27, 2003
any electonic crap. also can be used as an insult.
Your being so techno right now.
by the world at large July 16, 2005

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