music that owns all other types of "music," except for marching bands, of course.:D
marching band>techno>all the other pop sh*t
by Cpt.Bob October 15, 2003
A type of electronic music that is typically characterized by a medium-to-very fast tempo, synthesized instruments, heavy bass, and sometimes exotic and strange instruments, drums, and sound effects. Sometimes, techno can be mixed with other genres such as jazz, rock, hip hop, and various ethnic genres to create very interesting results.

Variations of Techno:
acid, rave, synth, gabba/gabber, goa, trance, trip-hop, house, jungle, industrial, old-skool techno, ambient, hardcore, nu NRG, speedcore, deathcore, experimental, club, punkcore, space funk, electro, ghetto tech, euro, new skool rap, booty house, acid jazz, garage,......etc.......
I just downloaded some tiiiiiiiiiiight acid techno tracks off the Net!!!!!!!
by AYB February 12, 2003
Along with it's sub-genre Drum n Bass, Techno is the greatest form of music known to man. Many other forms of music incorporate techno into their songs, then add shitty lyrics and call it something else. Many times compared similarly to dance, rave, jungle, etc. Created by DJ's.
Techno is a kick-ass form of music that 0wnz ALL other forms of music!!!
by XHC August 05, 2003
the most awesome, crazy , best, super dilghitful kind of music ever created!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sometimes have beats that repeat 36 times, but thats ok, because its the background beat, so who ever says techno is crap or .... whatever, your a pucker.
doooo do doooo doooo doooooo dooo doo do
wusss wuusss wusss wussssssss wusss wus
boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom
da da dud da da dud da da dud da da dud
break the break, break, break the beat
can you feel it,ahhha hha ha ahahah
by jordan burns, hecks ya June 18, 2004
A type of music that is not really Strong Bad's Style.
doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo
doodluh doo doodluh doo doodluh doo doodluh do
The System, is down. The System, is down.
The System, is down. down, down, down, down. Duh duh duhduh duh do do do do
by Strong Bad's #1 Fan November 04, 2003
a bunch of computers making noises.
would usually be listened to by a muzza
it sounds like crap.
DiiSs TEchno iiss FullYy Sickk Ulehh
when clearly, it is not.
by MRS.ACKLES April 09, 2008
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