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1) Someone who plays videogames for a hobby.
1) Me
2) 63 % of the U.S population. (Yes, that's more than half.)
by MayGah February 08, 2004
1) Another alternative to life when it gets shitty.
2) The.Best.Entertainment.In.The.World
3) Something that can ruin your social life, grades in school, and your health. (But you'll say it's worth it.)
1) Skies Of Arcadia
2) Final Fantasy 11
3) Madden 2004
4) Capcom vs SNK 2
by MayGah February 08, 2004
1) A Japanese singing deity.
2) One of the main reasons I and probably everyone else watch Inuyasha.
3) J-Pop Queeen.
Ah- Itsuka eien no
Nemuri ni tsuku hi made
Douka sono egao ga
Taemanaku aru you ni
by MayGah February 08, 2004
1) Drug addict who can't find anything else better to do with their free time but get wasted.
1)A lot of teenagers
2)Sadly, most college students.
3)Probably that bum in your downtown area
4)Aww fuck it, probably you.
by MayGah February 08, 2004
1) Baseheads
Jerry: Hey man, wanna smoke this chronic, sip this liquor, and pop this ecstacy pill?
Joe: Nah, I'll let old age kill me first, thank you.
Jerrry: Man, you are so fkn lame, you can't come to this party with out gettin wasted!
by MayGah February 08, 2004
1) Someone who can't seem to find intelligence in today's human race, and therefore making it seem like he's an outcast because he has little or no friends that can "understand" him or her.
2) Innovators in today's world.
3) A conformist's worst nightmare.
1) Billionares (Bill Gates)
by MayGah February 08, 2004
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