the sound of robots beat boxing, and not doing too bad at it.
Robot Chuck Norris can fart techno.
by Topher65 October 30, 2007
Music that people who are getting laid way to much and people who never get laid listen to
Kid 1 - Dude I listen to techno
Kid 2 - I knew you were a virgin

Kid 3 - Dude I listen to techno
Kid 4 - I knew you had game
by The Reverand Buddha June 08, 2010
the kickkest ass music in the world
All these chicks were all up on me 'cuase i listen to techno and those guys listen to "c"rap
by Aleio June 01, 2007
SIMPLY PUT, TECHNO IS ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC MIXED WITH BEATS MATCHED FOR THE PURPOSE OF MULTI-MEDIA ENTERTAINMENT & DANCING. FIRST PLAYED NOT AS HOUSE OR DISCO AT THE STARCK CLUB IN DALLAS TEXAS IN 1985,(not Detroit although Detroit had a big hand in its development)AFTER ITS FIRST ECSTASY RAID, MAKING R.A.V.E. AN OFFICIAL SUB-CULTURE BY NECESSITY. RANDOM-ESOTERIC(or extreme)-VARIETY-of-EQUALS ,i.e. r.a.v.e. many people who were not around in the beginning really stress about the confusion of techno being a sub-genre, or an entire group of musics.
1. Techno as a variety of dance music described as more hardcore and faster paced than most varieties. It can be a break-beat or rapid four four beats, if not a mix of the two. Techno arose from late 80's industrial music mixed with disco, as well as scene music. Techno is commonly played on two Technics 1200 turntables simultaneously leaving behind the house genre for a more big beat sound utilizing sampled and synthesized sounds sequenced with & using every available resource to artists for a high energy product. Some containing many radiation sirens and a standard beat measures of usually 135-170 beats per minute, including a hook,2 breakdowns, and 4 choruses with two or more empty or dry breaks of rhythmless, yet expressive, even vocal modalities surrounded by easily mixable beat patches. no two techno records (aside from those having the same song by the same label) are recorded at the exact same rate or bpm, requiring skill from a dj for smooth or seamless mixing. Some tracks even are recorded with bonus parallel tracks looped inside the grooves cut into the vinyl where the textures are rough.
2. An over view term describing a whole host of electronic dance music encompassing all others(incorrectly & commonly referred to as electronica), and ironically techno itself as one of those varieties including: all forms of House(hard,tech,gay,freedom,etc), all forms of Trance, Jungle, Drum-n-Bass,Techno, Chill, Trip-Hop, Down tempo, Tech, Break-beat, Industrial, etc... This music encompasses all beat varieties from four on the floor to off-sets.

Some ravers only like techno music. They just wont tolerate house, or trance.

Techno music was the staple at old school UNDERGROUND pay parties after ecstasy was made illegal.

We all felt like one "family" when the vibe was kickin' at that R.A.V.E. where they played techno music all night.
stop bad mouthing techno :/
nice music
nice people that just enjoy what they're listening to only to be discriminated by what seems to be a vast population of anti-electronica people.
Listen to what you want but don't label people unfairly!
techno can be nice ranging from mildly uplifting to energetic

the music that was formed in the 90's only to be manipulated to the extremes of being disowned by stupid hip hop songs which are boomed out every day on kiss :/
by stereotypingsucks February 08, 2004
A music quite diffent from trance, house, progressive, and euro still has beats but they are more electronic/classical.
man f techno, euro's the party polak shizznit
by lil polak July 10, 2005
Wide-ranging genre of music originating from the late 80's and includes everything from happy hardcore to industrial to breakbeat. Techno does not "suck dick" as many here say. In fact what many people say is much better music (rap and metal, for instance) would not exist in the same form they do now if it was not for the fact that techno was invented, and all the techno-influenced instruments that followed.
Techno is often misconstrued purely as the degenerate "doof-doof" garbage put out by producers during the mid-90's. In actual fact, most decent techno, and its more lyrical offshoot EBM has many variations during a song and a set theme. Just most of you assholes are too up yourselves to hear any of it.
Also, whoever says Moby is techno because their master Eminem happens to say so needs to get a slap. Moby is in fact, electronica, which is completely different.
*catches breath*
by Chris Lewis/ Seamus Bradd September 21, 2003

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