The type of music that cant be dissed or talked shit about. With lyrics or no lyrics it still sounds awsome and makes people wanna dance. It doesnt try to show off like idiot rappers (ie. 50 cent, Ja rule, ect.) Its a form or electronica music that has lots of energy in it and makes you wanna dance!
Techno and other types of electronica music are most commonly played in clubs because you can really dance to it!
by euroknite April 30, 2005
music that sounds like technology
Techno: unce, unce, unce, unce, unce....
by DJ Darudetiesto January 03, 2010
*sigh* people have no clue, techno is not listened to by ravers, it's a form of techno most commonly called rave music.
Techno is everywhere, whether it be from subtle synthesizer based special effects to actual songs.
Please don't mistake rubbish for techno, it is a very unique form of electronic music, different to the rubbish played on kiss100 everyday.
Don't go with the majority like eminem, he even requires techno based background music, but then again rap is crap.
"Good techno"
Aphex Twin
Daft Punk
by techno fan July 09, 2004
A word people use incorrectly to name all of Electronic Music.

Really, "Techno" is its own genre of Electronic Music. It consists of a BPM range from 120 to 150 and a 4/4 drum pattern.
"Dude I love this Techno music."

"That's not techno, it's Electro House"
by Bumplumber February 05, 2012
Possibly one of the best types of music, it uses sythesizers and electronic base beats and some times electricized(is that a word?) singing.
That techno song is awsome!
by down with bush! October 09, 2004
Very misunderstud sub genre of dance. You only here it played in clubs like lakota in bristol or dance academy in plymouth, you wont find it in clubs like ministry or gatecrasher, except on a very very rare occasion! If you own a ministry CD or infact any CD thats proberly charted it wont be techno!!!
Get a slammin vinyl techno tape back. Most popular artist are Producer, Scorpio and Mark EG when he starts of his sets usally. My advice listern to hard style alot better (e.g. M-Zone, Analogue Disturbance, Vortex, Mark EG when he's on form).
by FutureHardstyle June 20, 2006
the sound of robots beat boxing, and not doing too bad at it.
Robot Chuck Norris can fart techno.
by Topher65 October 30, 2007

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