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Female drug user(commonly in hispanic circles).female junkie or drug dealer in a hispanic neighbourhood or city.
Minerva is such a tecata!,we saw her zig zagging across Main street all day, high as a kite!
by DarthAbaddon April 23, 2006
"Tecata" had already meant heroin for decades -- both in NYC and in Puerto Rico -- when I learned the word in the early 80's.When I lived Puerto Rico in 82-83, the most common words for junk were "tecata" and "manteca".
I've never heard a junky called anything else but "un tecato" (or "una tecata", if a woman)by Boricuas.
"Quiero capear tecata" -- "I want to cop some junk".
by Sharks June 06, 2006
I know the word tecato, as a herion user, never heard of tecata,
, maybe a female user?
My primo is un tecato.
by jesse lopez February 23, 2005
heroin users
by VAKI5 August 18, 2003

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