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the drug we call heroin
I like to get a hold of some manteca.
by martha March 24, 2004
Manteca otherwise known as "teca" town is known for the famous Manteca Waterslides. Now that the waterslides are being torn down to build housing developments this little central valley town will have nothing to be known for.
The Manteca Waterslides!
by your mom March 17, 2005
street slang for heroin in uptown manhattan (washington heights)
donde esta manteca ?
by bob solo February 11, 2004
Almost all definitions of White Trash but in Colombia for a female.
-"Mirá esa manteca, toda barrigona y usando ombliguera. Gas!" (-"Look at this manteca, potbelly and wearing a top. Ugh!")
by Angelita_Hermosa April 06, 2010