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The act of slapping an unconscious person's face with the testicles by thrusting the pelvis.
The next time Harbole Doodlinsky falls asleep I'm gonna teabag that fucker.
by Bobby Ganoosh November 10, 2003
1. Generally a long coat (down to the knees), that can come in a variety of styles and/or colors; can be worn over a sports jacket and tie during cold weather.
2. A ratty long black coat worn by a 14-year old social outcast pretending to be a Goth, or who wants to freak everyone in his school out by making them think he's a psycho killer. The wearer will be KO'd in the hallway sometime during the second semester.
The trenchcoat kid claimed he saw Jesus on the wall during detention this morning; someone oughtta knock the crap out of that little fuck.
by Bobby Ganoosh November 10, 2003
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