1. A small porous sack holding enough tea leaves to make an individual serving of tea.

2. Placing your testes inside someones mouth and raising and lowering them to look like you are making tea.
I dropped the tea bag into the kettle.

I proceded to tea bag the homeless man.
by DeltaSlaya June 09, 2006
To drop one's nuts on an unsuspecting victim. Preferably done while victim sleeps and the room is full of witnesses.
After Seamus passed out we all gathered 'round while I dropped a teabag on his head repeatedly to the delight of all onlookers.
by Gurnt November 29, 2003
When a republican takes the testicles and scrotum of another republican in his mouth. Sometimes they make gargling sounds. I think this is also known as felching. Really fascinating to watch.
Man, that Saudi Prince screamed like a woman when Bush tea bagged him.
by Running out of patience December 16, 2008
dip your nutsack into someone elses mouth... in a tea makeing process
did you tea bag your girlfriend while she was asleep
by asdf November 17, 2002
In multiplayer video games, the act of repeatedly crouching over the face of a fallen opponent, who is forced to watch his/her body being violated while waiting to respawn into the level.
"You see me tea-bag that noob after I shot him in the back of the head? What a dumbass."
by DerUberMatten May 11, 2008
to drop one's nutsack into the open mouth of another person for sexual pleasure
Mr. Belding suddenly dropped trow and teabagged Screech in front of Mr. Tuttle's class at Bayside.
by Bolton March 03, 2005
when a guy puts his balls in someones mouth.
dude he just gave that guy a tea-bag
by Anonymous February 27, 2003
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