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A cynic is a typically jaundiced person who has the rare ability to be able to see through common belief and see the truth and faults in today's society. Cynics are non-believers and do not conform, and have no interest whatsoever, in conforming to everyday society.
Cynics are usually disliked for their jaded and negative views on the way the world runs, and often beleive that the world runs according to selfishness and is driven my greed and money.
Andrew (innocent conformist): I wonder why George W. Bush called that bridge the Clinton Overpass?
Paul (cynic): He's hoping one day they'll name a bridge after him.
by opinionated_bastard July 02, 2006
Probably the worst public transport operator in the western world. Runs Melbourne's entire train system and is forever paying compensation to passengers for poor performance and fines to the Victorian Government, which are then used by bureaucrats to buy expensive take away coffee and herbal and scented teas. Connex is incapable of running a decent train system. Communters should not have to put up with the delays caused by connex. Get the fuck back to France, you bastards!!!
Connex Announcer: The 6.17 Lilydale will not run today.
Passengers: WHAT THE FUCK??? WE WANT TO GET HOME!!!!!!
by opinionated_bastard July 09, 2006
Used by lazy people in the process of making a cup of tea. A fibourous and semi permeable piece of paper containing tea leaves, which, incidentally are very small and inferior when compared to loose leaf tea. Those wishing to enjoy the best flavour of tea ought not use teabags, rather the more appropriate brewing vessel called a tea pot. Usually add about 1 teaspoon per person then one extra, and pour on hot water, and allow to brew for 3-4 minutes. Teabags produce an inferior cup of tea, and interestingly enough, some claim that they can taste the residual flavours of the paper in the tea.
What on earth do you want teabags for chaps? A much better cup of tea is obtained from using tea leaves in a teapot.
by opinionated_bastard July 03, 2006
A slang term used in a situation of extreme frustration.
Meg (demanding): Bill, bring me a black cup of weak tea thats strong with a dash of milk
Bill (frustrated): Strike me dead woman!!!
by opinionated_bastard July 03, 2006

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