1.(v)- to place one's scrotum on another's forhead

2.(v)- To utterly defeat an opponent in a humiliating fashion. see pwn
1)That poor guy went to sleep on the couch at the party last night and got teabagged

2)I totally teabagged that guy in quake3
by Damoclese July 22, 2004
A dip pouch or a portion of snus
I ran out of cigarettes, can I get one of your teabags?
by Gringo the Clown September 05, 2010
(n) Tampon.
I knew my girlfriend was menstruating, as I saw the cord of her tea bag.
by Dr Merkin November 02, 2008
A method of birth control. This is when a man inserts his "sack" into hot water of a bathtub for at least a minute. This effectively kills all the sperms inside (as they only live under a very strict temperature range). The man then proceeds with intercourse not having to worry about getting the woman pregnant.
John's girlfriend asked John if he could please get her pregnant. John didn't want to be a father, so he told his girlfriend "yes" but made sure to teabag himself without letting his girlfriend know prior to intercourse.
by Dalios February 26, 2011
Teabagging involves a person dunkin their scrotum into a person's (of either sex) mouth in a sexual or jovial manner.
Usually when done to a man the "dunker" is usually a manwhore
Danny teabagged sally an when she woke up, she threw up when we told her!
by unknown ak47 killer November 13, 2007
A bag with a string attached containing herbs to help make the drink known as tea. It is placed into hot water and dissolved. Sometimes it is brewed and/or iced.
Put the teabag into your mug full of hot water to make a delicious and refreshing drink.
by DinahRose March 26, 2007
Is when a guy is squatting over a girl and dipping his scrotum in and out of her mouth...
like dipping a teabag in a cup.
by U wanna Tap some Bong January 04, 2006
To put your lovers balls into your mouth when performing oral sex
Wow Joe and she teabagged you to?
by j0hn_d March 09, 2005

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