In multiplayer first-person shooter and similar games, to quickly alternate between crouching and standing over the body of your most recent victim, intended as a taunt, form of mockery, or expression of superiority. Represents the real-world act of the same name in which a man puts his scrotum into the mouth of another person.

Ironic in that many males who engage in this activity are somewhat homophobic (or at the very least would soundly deny any allegations that they themselves are homosexual), and their victims are typically male.
After pwning John with a skillful headshot, Bob went and teabagged him. Because nothing says "I'm a macho, red-blooded, heterosexual male" like trying to put your balls in another man's mouth...
by WordBomber October 06, 2009
1. A small paper bag used to dispurse tea flavoring throughout a boiling pot of water.

2.To run your nutsack across an unsuspecting victim's face
1."Honey, when the water starts to boil, throw in a teabag"

2."When Joey fell today, I got him so bad with a major teabag"
by DoucewaffleMckuntnugget May 30, 2009
to suck a person's testicles.
In Curb Your Enthusiasm (First Season) "Gil" (the porno actor) tells a story in which he thought a second girl had joined his scene, but looked around to find one of the crew teabagging him.
by wsh1 August 08, 2008
To click in the left analog stick when standing over a dead body's head in Halo 3.
Ohhhh you got tea bagged!
by Evil Tediz February 07, 2008
1.(v)- to place one's scrotum on another's forhead

2.(v)- To utterly defeat an opponent in a humiliating fashion. see pwn
1)That poor guy went to sleep on the couch at the party last night and got teabagged

2)I totally teabagged that guy in quake3
by Damoclese July 22, 2004
Gaming: the act of repeatedly crouching over an opposing player who utterly had no chance of victory which in turn humiliates them.
Dude, that was awesome I just shotgunned this noob I'm gunna tea bag him now.
by TheOnlineGamer November 21, 2010
the act of masturbating whilst taking a dump. the two must be done simultaneously
aamir's toilet smelt bad after he did a teabag
by sha333 May 23, 2010

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