When an angry bartender dips his nuts into the pint of beer and then serves it to a non-tipping or obnoxious customer!
"You'd better watch your manners in here or Howard Ramone is gonna tea-bag you!"
by El Loudo February 19, 2005
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To put nutsack on one's face for fun.
I got teabagged by 3 boys at once.It was fun.

My boyfriend comes over my house and teabags me everyday.
by Lady k-k April 24, 2006
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To put your lovers balls into your mouth when performing oral sex
Wow Joe and she teabagged you to?
by j0hn_d March 09, 2005
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1. When a man dips his big sweaty balls into/onto a passed out or sleeping mans face/mouth. Usually is done at a party.

2. A man can tea bag his girlfriend/boyfriend by climbin over their face when they are on their knees and makes an up and down motion with their balls in their Girlfriends/Boyfriends mouth.
1. After he passed out, a pair of hairy balls were slapped across his face and when he yawned were dipped into his mouth.

2. "dude, my girlfriend was suckin my dick last night and i grabbed her hair, pulled her head back, and tea bagged her till i came on her face"
by S.Boxleitner April 25, 2010
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Ok, so teabagging is an activity
carried out by two consenting adults... one of which needs to be a man.
The other... nyah,,, could be a man or a woman. So, one persons mouth is
the cup and the man's ...er ... 'bits'...(i.e. nuts) are the teabag. Then
you dunk the teabag into the cup to brew it. Nice.
Mike: So Jon, how do you like your cuppa, teabag in or out?
Jon: Leave it in, Mike, there's a good sailor.
by sue February 15, 2005
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The nickname for an annoying little guy who got balls in his mouth. Also has a small penis.

See also: Adrian Lopez.
Haha, look at Teabag. He got big black testicles in his mouth.
by Colossus April 21, 2005
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Used to make drinks but more slighly, is a term for placing your bollocks on some poor, sleeping persons face.
If you then ejaculate on them, then it is reffered to as the tea bag total and is generally frowned upon.
Ronald: man, you tea bagged that son of a gun proper good!
Sam: Yeah I know, now watch me tea bag total in his left nostril
by Ben K-S March 28, 2007
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