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To be affiliated with one, Santosh.
I am thirsty. Oh, why Santosh could help you out with that! Right, Teabag?
by solar3 July 18, 2009
To place one's nutsack over a second person's forehead(not the mouth as some accept) in an attempt to humiliate the victim to achieve a situation of laughter.
Check out google for pictures of teabag.
by kolinzo July 15, 2009
Ok, so teabagging is an activity
carried out by two consenting adults... one of which needs to be a man.
The other... nyah,,, could be a man or a woman. So, one persons mouth is
the cup and the man's ...er ... 'bits'...(i.e. nuts) are the teabag. Then
you dunk the teabag into the cup to brew it. Nice.
Mike: So Jon, how do you like your cuppa, teabag in or out?
Jon: Leave it in, Mike, there's a good sailor.
by sue February 15, 2005
Dropping your nuts into someones mouth or on thier face.
Man u just got teabagged.
by Sias February 09, 2005
To dip a liberal scrotum into the mouth of a fellow Democrat while deriving mutual pleasure. (May be members of the same sex -- usually, but not exclusively, male).
Stop tryin' to talk while you're bein' cup to my teabag.
by Parsifal's cousin July 19, 2009
The inconsiderate act of not properly flushing a turd down the toilet. Overnight it forms a hazy, brown, tea-like force field around it as it stagnantly floats.
Chris, you might try to flush twice. You left another teabag in the toilet and my mom found it this time.
by HandsHarris April 13, 2009
Crotch area of see through or lace panties, especially with plenty of pubic hair inside.
Stripper to bouncer: Jo, this guy touched me on my teabag n' now he won't pay.
by Bolloxthebrave March 06, 2009