verb. to man whore it up
He was at Sharkey's straight t-c'ing it up with the ladies.
by mr. vt November 03, 2009
Abbreviation for "Tactical Chunder". The process of chundering post-pre-lash and pre-club in order to ensure you see the night through to completion without being a wetter and going home early through sickness.
Just heading for a cheeky TC before we head out.
by trampchunder June 17, 2012
TC also known as tactical chunder.
For examples of TC look up tactical chunder
by TC TC TC June 08, 2011
Totes cray. The ghetto or teen girl way to say 'totally crazy'.
Dude did you see that huge jungle cat? That's TC!
by Jim and Phil May 11, 2015
Stands for twitter crush. Someone that you like, but you don't know in real life, and instead, you follow on twitter. It may be mutual, where both people agree to be each others' TC, or it can just be someone that you stalk and favorite their tweets.
My TC just left me for another picture and words
by Bbsuperfan1111 November 29, 2014
Abbreviation of 'Too cool'
Someone (usually a chick) who is either really rich, smart, social, sporty or all of the above, knows this and acts like a total snob. Will only hang with other tcs and looks down on everyone else.
"She made two girls move to another table so her little gang could sit together."
"Ugh, she's such a tc."
by Icyicy00 September 13, 2015
the word kids use for rouse hill town centre, a place full of wannabee 'lads' and other bogans from the west. Also filled with sluts who wear their shorts up their ass .
"let's go down to tc on sat"
by engrishmajor May 31, 2014
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