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Abbreviation for "Tactical Chunder". The process of chundering post-pre-lash and pre-club in order to ensure you see the night through to completion without being a wetter and going home early through sickness.
Just heading for a cheeky TC before we head out.
by trampchunder June 17, 2012
20 14
the word kids use for rouse hill town centre, a place full of wannabee 'lads' and other bogans from the west. Also filled with sluts who wear their shorts up their ass .
"let's go down to tc on sat"
by engrishmajor May 31, 2014
4 1
verb. to man whore it up
He was at Sharkey's straight t-c'ing it up with the ladies.
by mr. vt November 03, 2009
3 1
twitter Crush
I would like my TC to write me a tweet with my username
by joki325pr April 13, 2013
6 6
A comment that comes out of the mouth of a person known by the name Tom. Thus the abbreviation TC (Tom Comment). Usually of a gay persuasion, these comments create awkward pauses and result in Tom being considered gay, or still in the closet. Usually they turn a fun evening into a high tension and just plain weird night.
Anthony- What if Sevy fell out of the sky?
Tom's TC- Yea and he was naked...

Andrew- Tom we're playing 2 hand touch, you don't need to be so rough.
Tom's TC- Sorry Andrew, thats just how I like to play with you, real rough...

Tom's unprovoked TC- JJ I'll give you $50 to make out with Anthony...

Bobby- Yea, the firefighters were getting back from a brushfire.
Tom's TC- Oh, I bet they were all sweaty and took their shirts off.
by Mark Mcbraint June 18, 2007
28 34
Roger E. Mosely from the hit 1980's television show Magnum P.I.
Roger E. Mosely played TC in the television series Magnum P.I.
by D. Anderson July 14, 2005
14 20
Too Cool. Usually used in a joking way to MAKE FUN of people who abbreviate stuff.
Apparently everyone is TC to hang out with me tonight.

"Yeah i don't know if i can make it to your party on Friday..."
"ohhhh, TC TC!!!"
by sammmo July 07, 2005
31 37