Too Cool. Usually used in a joking way to MAKE FUN of people who abbreviate stuff.
Apparently everyone is TC to hang out with me tonight.

"Yeah i don't know if i can make it to your party on Friday..."
"ohhhh, TC TC!!!"
by sammmo July 07, 2005
Tactical Chunder, a strategiacally timed trip to the pub toilet so as to prolong drinking capability
"Get us another one in, I'm going for a TC"
by Seaes October 30, 2003
A comment that comes out of the mouth of a person known by the name Tom. Thus the abbreviation TC (Tom Comment). Usually of a gay persuasion, these comments create awkward pauses and result in Tom being considered gay, or still in the closet. Usually they turn a fun evening into a high tension and just plain weird night.
Anthony- What if Sevy fell out of the sky?
Tom's TC- Yea and he was naked...

Andrew- Tom we're playing 2 hand touch, you don't need to be so rough.
Tom's TC- Sorry Andrew, thats just how I like to play with you, real rough...

Tom's unprovoked TC- JJ I'll give you $50 to make out with Anthony...

Bobby- Yea, the firefighters were getting back from a brushfire.
Tom's TC- Oh, I bet they were all sweaty and took their shirts off.
by Mark Mcbraint June 18, 2007
Tight Cunt= when someone is being extremly tight and never pays there way.
Oi Micheal Heaven get your wallet out you tight cunt.
your round for the drinks you tight cunt
by ashtray257 October 04, 2006
(tee-cee)Short for "train-conductor"-1.A girl that has or would like to be trained. 2. The ulitmate slut, gets on everyone at a party. (mostly used as a joke or insult to girl, this person usually prefers multipy partners or "carts" in bed at one time.)
That bitch gets on everyone, she is such a TC!
by CTnotTC(: August 31, 2010
Short for 'tree cock' is an abreviation which is used most often in the South East. Most often used to describe a young man of 18, about 5'9 with Indian/African roots and a proportionally ENORMOUS cock capable of draining all the blood from his body in one erection. Also refered to as 'the woman splitter' the tree cock is named so, not only because of its tree size, but also because the owner of this weapon, has the surname parmar- pronounced 'palm-er'.
Wohw that guys got a fucking TC! He's going to kill her with that!
by Geachhy May 15, 2010
Traveller's club vodka
what you want a bottle of TC?
by steveizg0d July 06, 2009

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