Time Child featured on Southpark episode
Damn you TC child, you tricked us!
by BlackDevil November 09, 2006
an abbreviation of tight C*nt,

also reffered to as scrooge, johnny long pockets, moth wallet, michael heaven, dude wheres the bar, generousophobic
hey mike, stop being a tc and go the bar
by DJ_FERNZ October 08, 2006
TC aka Tattay Chukna

'Tattay' are a man's balls and 'Chukna' is like holding something up. So, 'Tattay Chukna' is like pointlessly licking someone's balls to get something done.
Logon kay tattay chukna or TC karna band karo!
Don't lick people's balls pointlessly!
by Danish Shah December 29, 2005
Fucked up.
Man, he's really tc today.
by Alf Wiggleborrow December 28, 2003
Short for 'tactical chunder'.
James 'where'd you go?'
Oli 'I took a sneeky TC and was back partying again'
by themightyone123 October 20, 2011
licking a womens tits and then the valley of her breasts
I gave her a TC and it tasted sweeter than candy.
by TJE 5150 May 11, 2009
the abbreviation TC meaning Top Cunt. Use it if someone is being a....Top Cunt.

George: You spoken to Mike recently?
Dan: Nah he has been a right TC recently
George: Nice.
by Gman Standard December 04, 2008

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