Time Child featured on Southpark episode
Damn you TC child, you tricked us!
by BlackDevil November 09, 2006
Trojan Latex condoms
I'm always packin' TC's before I spread the cheese.
by Tetay October 28, 2006
an abbreviation of tight C*nt,

also reffered to as scrooge, johnny long pockets, moth wallet, michael heaven, dude wheres the bar, generousophobic
hey mike, stop being a tc and go the bar
by DJ_FERNZ October 08, 2006
Tight Cunt= when someone is being extremly tight and never pays there way.
Oi Micheal Heaven get your wallet out you tight cunt.
your round for the drinks you tight cunt
by ashtray257 October 04, 2006
Tactical Chunder

Making yourself puke when on a heavy drinking session, so being able to continue
You have to down all 10 pint within the hour. No piss stops or tc's allowed.
by Thamesboy May 05, 2005
When it comes to pirated movies, TC is short for telecine.
These are the (likely pirated) svcd files for the movie "Meet the Fockers" captured via telecine by a group called TUN.

by inane5 February 08, 2005
TC (Time Check)

When you're fuckin' too lazy or busy to look at your watch or the clock on the wall and you yell out "TC" to a friend nearby to tell you. This is usually done while driving and you are busy concentrating on the road.
Bob: Shit man! I can't find the restaurant. Driving in NY is crazy!
Sue: It's ok honey...just don't kill us.
Bob: Are we late? TC!
Sue: 5:04
Bob: Good we'll make it in time. Let's screw.
by jondres October 25, 2004
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