Telepathic best friend; when you and your bestest friend say and do stuff at the exact same time. There's a special hand gesture when this happens
"Omg! We totally had a TBF moment "
by Range55792 July 04, 2014
TBF (acronym) = Toilet bowl fart; the loud, reflective noise that results from farting while sitting on the toilet.
I had some crazy TBFs after I ate that burrito.
by bunjamina June 11, 2011
temporary boy friend
tbf is a boyfriend you see when you can, have the commitment, but have your own life...could be temp to perm.
by finglebythec August 27, 2010
Acronym for tits by fat. Used when a fat girl (or her almost always equally fat boyfriend) attempts to brag about their large breasts. In reality they are extremely saggy and often accompanied by a disgusting set of stretched and contorted nipples.
Tom: Dude, Cynthia is the best girlfriend ever. Her tits are massive!

James: For Christ sake Tom, she weighs 350 pounds. That damn pig has a severe case of TBF.
by JasonBourneHimself April 29, 2010
Token Black Friend
Just a reminder that February is Black History Month. I definitely forgot, but I'm glad my TBF reminded me.
by t ree February 09, 2010
Try but fail/trying but failing.
I didn't read the assignment yesterday, so when the professor called on me I was TBF to sound like I knew what I was talking about.

I'm TBF at Guitar Hero.

"How's my singing?"
by booface doppelganger February 19, 2009
The Boy Friend
Refers to a boyfriend without having to say it out loud. It is good to say when you do not want your parents to know about the your boyfriend. It is an abbreviation of the boyfriend.
Did you hang out with TBF this weekend?
Don't tell dad about TBF.
by Karen Sav May 11, 2008
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