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same as fuck boy; used in the dirrty; south it means a nigga you dont like
That fuck nigga always talking shit;
by GOOD March 27, 2005
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basically a pussy or a bitch ass nigga, u say fuck, as in gettin fucked in the ass (like a pussy or a bitch)
Troy swung on that dude wit his back turned then he ran off < FUCK NIGGA
by Chane March 04, 2007
A weak ass pussy! Someone who talks but doesn't back it up. A poser, a lame, a bitchboy.
Friend 1 - Man that fucknigga kept talking shit about me while I was dancing with that fine ass broad.

Friend 2 - Yeah you should of said something he looked like a real fucknigga!
by HT0WNBAllA September 17, 2008
A pussy ass nigga who talks shit, or does stupid shit, and deserves to get punched for their stupidity and/or bitchness.
Pablo Jerez is a fucknigga for calling himself a baller when he works at Mcdonalds.

Pablo Jerez is a fucknigga for fucking a hoe with no condom.

Pablo Jerez is a fucknigga for being a detroit lions fan.
by Big Daddy Pimpalicious August 21, 2010
Ok i grew up downtown phx where i hear this all the time...
Mostly it means a BULLSHITTER
; Somebody you dont like
; Somebody who acts hard and doesnt back it up
(Realistically how it's said)
Naw baby girl forreal i'll beat that niggas ass i ain't no fuck nigga.....

Ghetto fool 1: Ay foo DeShawn is on deck...
Ghetto fool 2: Naw dont buy from that fuck nigga he been bullshittin'.....

You tryna scrap bro?! I heard you talkin shit?! I Ain't No fuck nigga bring it.

Nobody says Fuck Boy.
by AintNobodyFuckingWithMyClique February 20, 2013
a fuck nigga is a nigga who constantly keeps his girl upset. Doesn't give her anything in return. Lies to her, doesn't keep it real. Doesn't support when support is needed from him. Isn't the type you come and talk to, exposes, humiliates his woman. But claims he "loves" his woman. Does things over and over,
Look at that "fuck nigga"
by Amanilolo May 23, 2015
A nigga who isn't about any of the shit he or she claims to be.
Chantè claims she balling, but still living on welfare checks. Making her a fuck nigga

Johnny said he got hoes but been fucking the same bitch since 86', making him a fuck nigga.

Chantè said her head game strong, but still be biting the dick, making her a fuck nigga
by Big Daddy Triple B August 04, 2014
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