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First and Fifteen, Lupe Fiasco's record label. Named after the street corner he grew up on in Chicago.
Lupe Fiasco dropped that track on FNF radio.
by Jason Duong April 06, 2008
an abbreviation for first and fifteenth; the days when welfare checks are issued and therefore the days that hustlers and dealers make the most money. Also Lupe Fiasco's record label and catch phrase.
"I told you I would show up screaming out FNF"

-Emporer's Soundtrack
by Dr. Dredel outta l'ville December 15, 2009
First night fuck, you got to the bar on friday hoping to meet a girl and fuck her that night hence the FNF first night fuck
Dude how was that bar last night? It was dope I got hammered, met a hot girl and pulled an fnf
by Alidan101 June 17, 2016
fuck and forget
a: Dude... I am in love with girl
b: Fnf, that girl is not worth it
by fnfouce August 27, 2010
Fuck n Forget
Man you don't date that kind of woman, she's an FNF, you know, fuck and forget.
by kcoomac July 17, 2009
Fault Not Found - Term used by engineers to describe the outcome of testing something and not finding anything wrong.
When ringing back to base after testing a telephone line. "Yes that one is FNF"
by Slimeburger September 28, 2007
FuckiN Funny!! - Texting a reaction to something extremely funny; replacing the commonly used "LMAO"
"Omg so fnf!!" Or "ur too fnf!!"
by 2m's July 01, 2009
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