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This means "To be fair"
you : tbf, you're a dick
him : wtf?! fu n00b
by Snatch June 04, 2005
TBF - To Be Frank. Like the phrase TBH - To Be Honest.
I like all kinds of music tbf with you.
by Woolly. July 26, 2007
Total bitch fit.

Pretty self explanatory.
Look, I'm sorry I got your girlfriend pregnant, now would you stop throwing a TBF and get in the car?
by LBC666! August 07, 2011
Short for Titties Be Floppin'
*sees a girl with big boobs running*
"Daaaaaaaaamn, TBF!"
by yeoldesoop December 14, 2015
Turbo Blazing Fast. When you need something faster than humanly possible.
I hope my bacon is ready tbf.
by Leelee July 26, 2014
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