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A girl who is really pretty, smart, and basically amazing. Has a slim thick body type and is a guy magnet! Has a nice ass and is good in bed!

Once you meet her you'll never want to stop talking because she's so easy to talk to and is very trust worthy! She usually knows more than one language and is sweet to everyone she meets! But don't be fooled because she's a badass, and if you mess with her, you got something coming your way and it's not her nice ass! It's probably a knife! Once you know one you should probably hold on tight and never let go because she's a catch!
Look it's Taylen! I know I stalk her!
by smartone January 29, 2017
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a girl who is really short and funny and is always nice to everyone . Usually laughing . and most taylens have a smile that looks kinda like a nike sign .
Are you trying to pull a taylen ? because you are laughing alot ! Lol .
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by Kf1234 January 01, 2017
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