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Derived from Suix word for buffalo. Commonly used to refrence fat chicks.
Some tatonka was totally grazin' on Rory's skeet last night.
by Big_Cheese April 18, 2005
Native American for Buffalo. In contemporary American society, word more commonly used to describe a really fat chick.
Q: "What the hell did you go home with last night"?

A: (Embarrassed, holding fingers to head as in horns) "TATONKA"!!!
by fred head September 01, 2004
Female breasts, usually of abnormal size or grandeur
Alex: Look at Roche, all over K. Lee's Tatonkas
Justin: Yeah, he's not gonna get any
by Smita Gupta May 07, 2010
The command given to an individual who is caught holding a drink in his dominant hand, and who must now chug the remainder of the drink.
Hey aren't you right handed?
Yeah, why?
by Bud_Selig November 25, 2010
A kick-ass High school Ultimate Frisbee team,They fucking dominate
"did you see Tatonka own Heritage?"

"Yes,Tatokna Fucked them up"
by heritage 77 July 14, 2009