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A person involved in activities who is constantly getting into predicaments and wondering why bad stuff always happens to them.
Steve the lawnmower guy is a grubinator.

Drinking then climbing onto your lawnmower and driving to the Oyster Shack is a stupid move grubinator. Shoulda stayed on the porch Steve.
by TG33 April 24, 2010
A very unclean, dirty, & otherwise grubby person that shops for clothing & apparel on Craig's List and has a general distain for personal hygiene. Sometimes referred to as a grubby bear.
That grubinsky just paid $4 for box of used tube socks.
by TG33 March 29, 2010
coded method for signing an email or document so the recipient doesn't realize you've just insulted them by calling them a retard.
Dear Steve ~ thanks for belittling me during the Monday morning staff meeting, you're absolutely right, I shouldn't think, I should just follow office procedure without question. Regurds, Kip
by TG33 April 26, 2010
an unclean, grimy, usually unemployed person or hobo type with a general distain for maintaining proper personal hygiene. Usually found surfing on line for snowmobile dollies on Craig's List or watching old Winger videos while at a local coffee shop. Not very intelligent and somewhat of a lone wolf. A pack of one.
That grubby bear has the dirtiest fingernails ever.
by TG33 March 31, 2010
love of fat chicks
Tatonka's need love too; but they have to pay...c'mon give her some tatonka love bro.
by TG33 April 15, 2010
a ratio used to describe someone's level of retardness or stupidity. The higher the percentage rate the stupider you are ranked. 34%er Awards are usually handed out weekly for the 34%er of the week.

Annual award show date & location TBD.
Am I online ? Because I'm out playing tennis right now.

Hey 34%er you're still on online.
by TG33 April 30, 2010
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