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Native American for Buffalo. In contemporary American society, word more commonly used to describe a really fat chick.
Q: "What the hell did you go home with last night"?

A: (Embarrassed, holding fingers to head as in horns) "TATONKA"!!!
by fred head September 01, 2004
Derived from Suix word for buffalo. Commonly used to refrence fat chicks.
Some tatonka was totally grazin' on Rory's skeet last night.
by Big_Cheese April 18, 2005
Female breasts, usually of abnormal size or grandeur
Alex: Look at Roche, all over K. Lee's Tatonkas
Justin: Yeah, he's not gonna get any
by Smita Gupta May 07, 2010
The command given to an individual who is caught holding a drink in his dominant hand, and who must now chug the remainder of the drink.
Hey aren't you right handed?
Yeah, why?
by Bud_Selig November 25, 2010
A kick-ass High school Ultimate Frisbee team,They fucking dominate
"did you see Tatonka own Heritage?"

"Yes,Tatokna Fucked them up"
by heritage 77 July 14, 2009
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