This is when you turn tv on its side to play shmups, the cream of video games.
Man, I'm totally gona tate my tv tonight and play Ikaruga and Dodonpachi. Like, now.
by johnl March 15, 2005
A person who has light brown hair and brown eyes who is the sexiest person ever!!!
OMG start acting like a Tate, stop being a EMILY!!!
by happy days is the best April 30, 2008
An option in vertical shooters released for consoles (i.e. Ikaruga, DoDonPachi) in which the screen is rotated 90 degrees, so as to cover the entire screen. To be used correctly, the TV most be rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise.

This is the opposite of "yoko" mode, in which the gameplay screen is shrunk so that it fits a TV oriented normally. This results in two bars on the sides of the screen taking up the unoccupied areas. Yoko mode makes the screen very hard to see, and is generally not recommended for vertical shooters.
I played DoDonPachi in Tate mode and it is great. I can see everything clearly.
by gs68-2 February 15, 2005
to tate, a verb meaning to violently vacillate between two emotional spectrums, seemingly without any actual catalyzing events occurring, all the while acting as if nothing has happened
Man, bitch has really been pulling a tate this past week.

Monday she's like, "omg i love you."

Tuesday she's like, "WHY ARE YOU FUCKING TALKING TO ME?"

Wednesday she's like, "Why aren't we hanging out????"

and I'm just like, "This girl be tatin' so hard on me right." now.
by Pencilchair789 December 23, 2011
1. A skill used by Hotsuma in Shinobi, after killing 4 or more enimes quick enough, it shows a small clip of the enemies, and Hotsuma striking a cool pose and they suddenly fall apart, used commonly in most anime.

2. Delayed slash action.
"TATE = pwn"

"That scene right there looks like a TATE cutscene!"
by Border Patrol Man October 22, 2004
A man whore who helps your girlfriend cheat on you. Also, he is socially awkward and unattractive.
My girlfriend cheated on me with a Tate.
by scissors12 October 29, 2011
What you mo fo's talkin about, tate is the sweetest guy ever!!!
"awww, what a tate"
by SunKissed October 15, 2003

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