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the most balllin mutherfucker ever
Person 1: That guy is so fuckin awesome.
Person 2: Yeah I know. He's a tate.
#the #most #ballin #mutherfucker #ever
by bob5487 October 02, 2007
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1. To knowingly supply answers to a midterm after being specifically told not to by the professor

2. To cheat on an exam
1. Yesterday I stole the test from the professor so I could tate my tutees.

2. OMG, I can't believe you tated on that chemistry test yesterday!
#cheat #test #school #professor #college
by testtaker April 28, 2010
a specific Gorilla, named Porage
The tate tackled the other tate.
by Anonymous May 08, 2003
(N.) Woodchuck repellent
"Oh shit, Jim, get out your tate! That woodchucks comn' right for us!"
by Minster Gatz March 02, 2005
Spelled Pronunciation teyt

1. The act of being completely equal to one's opponent.
"How did your fight go last night?"
"Man, I completely tate'd the match"
#tie #draw #equal #equivelent #same
by Jock Cas August 17, 2009
Shortened form of Jacket Potato, used by people with limited brain capacity
Roz - 'Do ya want coleslaw on ya tate chuck'
#potato #jacket #jacket potato #pots #tatties
by I-ain September 02, 2008
The small space between the anus and the vagina...
We are going to get our tates handed to us!- Dodgeball
#ass #booty #space #goodies #milkshake
by DeShaun March 24, 2006
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