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An incredibly racist way of defining how black a person is in relation to types of chocolate, cocoa content and using famous black people as comparison. Purely for comedy purposes.
The Cocoa Scale is:

Idi Amin, fucking hell he's a 100% cocoa solid
Barack Obama, he's about 65% so milk chocolate
Lewis Hamilton, I'd say he's about 50%, slightly milky
Chinks and Asians, anwhere from 30% to 50% depending on the quality, a hint of milk
Random whitey= less than 30% i.e. white chocolate

fyi nerds, geeks, sci-fi fans and jews tend to be more pasty due to time spent indoors infront of computers or at delis and banks so around 15%
by i-ain May 30, 2009
Shortened form of Jacket Potato, used by people with limited brain capacity
Roz - 'Do ya want coleslaw on ya tate chuck'
by I-ain September 02, 2008
A variation on cool, great, awesome etc. Ironically associated with the band of the same name.
Dansfield -'we're probs off to the union tonight'
I-ain - 'Kula Shaker'
by I-ain September 02, 2008

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