A person with a fucked titty
Bro wtf you have a tat
by SaggyTat June 22, 2011
the word to describe when a girl is banging to describe her tits and ass forming Tats
Damn she hella fine she got it goin on look at her tats
by Dejoka January 11, 2011
another word for tattoo
Nice tat.
by Jonathan "Johnny" Jones November 08, 2009
acronymm for tight asian twat.
he loves the t.a.t, he all ways dates asian chicks.
by kelly (levity) September 14, 2007
Tiny Ass Titties
Check out the T.A.T.s on that girl!
by Anonymous August 18, 2003
Pepporoni Nipples that are unnormally HUGE. Mostly derived from colombians it is a normal part of their body heritage. Usually males with glasses have TATS.
Solrac: Yo Manuela you have TATSSS!!!

Garyous: hahahaha

Manuela: OMG AHHHH
by Solrac the V November 13, 2008
An elusive item which one may use to barter for the much more desireable 'tit'.
What exactly IS tat, and where the hell do I trade it in?
by Frank December 03, 2004

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