Used instead of "tattoo" by people who think that using trite slang makes them look cool.
"that's a nice tat, dude"
by yrr July 02, 2007
a tattoo (especially a skin tattoo)
That is one ugly tat on his neck.
by The Return of Light Joker October 14, 2008
A hilarious variation on the word tits. Made famous by Avid Marion (Bo' Selecta - Channel 4).

When said out loud, it sounds like you are an ignorant foreigner trying to pronounce "tits".
ZOMG! Piss on my tats j00 bitch!
by Mooz0r March 10, 2006
When something is so awsome its more than tits its tats.
"dude your new car is tats"
by Ashton Rush -Jussila April 21, 2008
A slightly sneakier way of describing boobsor tits
Look at her, she's got lovely tats
by Lookie Fruitloop May 04, 2007
The big (or little) breasts or a girl's chest that feel great to press up against or to fondle.
I liked feeling her tats on my chest.
by ME October 26, 2004
That Ass Though
That bitch ain't got shit but TAT
by KnuxProd December 10, 2013

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