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1) Island state south of Victoria, Australia.

2) Last penal colony in Australia, managed by the original Capt (then Govenor) Bligh of "Mutiny on the Bounty" fame (see - Loser).

3) A place with such a small gene pool that you can get married and divorced three times and still have the same inlaws.
Bill: "Why has Wendy got that awful scar on the side of her neck?"

Bob: "She's from Tasmania. It's from when they removed the extra head."
by sociopath9 May 02, 2009
44 37
When used with the word MAP (map of tasmania) it refers to a certain area of a female...
"While you're gone I will think of myself with captain jack sparrow...
by marn November 15, 2003
40 41
An island country south of Australia.
Where are you from?
Cool! Where is Tasmania on the world map?
South of Australia
by H4V3ANlCED4Y August 22, 2011
6 12
Everyone on the mainland thinks tasmania is where two headed people live but we actually are normal - im not saying im proud to be tasmanian. Because i think its a hole too. Maybe some people are two headed and marry their family like ravo's but im not a ravo so its okay. Some oldies on the mainland and other places in the world think its a beautiful state but I really cant be fussed with trees and forests like whateva =P theres lots of trees and crap in tassie but theres also nice beaches so go the nice beaces.. i prefer the mainland by far but yer anyway ill stop waffling now and go! oh by the way it doesnt ALLWAYS rain in tassie =P
mainland person: tasmania is such a bogan state
me: no its okay but i prefer the mainland
by not.a.ravo May 30, 2005
43 51
Bogans, cold, boring, slow, incestual
I was unfortunate enough to have endured several tiresome years in that shit hole. There are more bogans there per capita than a friggin footy match and more beaten up VL Commodores and VB cartons than a local worker's pub. Not to mention the fact that everyone is related and the fact that its cold and anyone'll do doesn't stop people from fucking their sisters. If there's any normal Tasmanians left GET OUT while you still can!
Tasmania shitty one day and crappier and incestual then next.
by Mark Antony September 23, 2007
35 53
A cold, wet and boring state in Australia.

Some say a it's a hole
"Why would you want to live in a cold and wet hole when there is sunshine in all the rest of Australia"

"because i'm old"
by could you pass the pepper? May 04, 2004
55 76
The only state of Australia that did the right thing and removed all the bushcats so that the white people could live in peace.
I would like to visit Tasmania to get away from all the petrol sniffers on the mainland.
by Poomandow May 27, 2005
57 89