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Ok... so I am from Tassie. Many mainlanders think its a hole. I kinda tend to agree. Its a place for old people. I would so much prefer to live on the mainland. I really dont care about all the historical features. Stuff that, I want awesome shopping and lush weather, not the crappy 4 season in one day. Ugh it sucks. Sure we have some nice beaches and all that, but nothing compared to say, Brisbane. Now thats a place to go. So... some advice. Dont live in Tasmania. Sure come for a visit. Just dont settle down here ;)

BTW we arent incest. Just thought I'd clarify that, and last time I checked... I only have one head =P
tasmania= boring
I'd say, never come here.
#tasmania #australia #boring #hobart #launceston
by tasgirl March 21, 2007
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