An overly cool, self obsessed kid who thinks she's Queen Bee just cos she thinks she has a 'HAWT' bod and cool hair. (:
Megan: OMG, look at her checkin herself out, she has to be a Tash!
Bob: I know right!
by Smileeey. April 06, 2009
To uncontrollably expell water or other fluids from the mouth.

friend- Don't look down, you just tash'd all over your shirt!

tasher- yeah, I often tash when drinking cofee milk.

friend- weird
by tashw/coffee December 28, 2008
A badass rapper from '99 who started a smokefest in the same year, which is still going on today.

Can also heighten coding capabilities in the Louisville CISLAB when listened to.
Fuckin let's listen to some Tash. Smoke this blunt!
by Oh Tash December 15, 2003
To sprint across the road, even when the cars have stopped.
'You wuss, you tashed!'

'He's gonna tash!'
by I am the Jake November 14, 2005
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