To brag incessantly and continually about ones own accomplishments to the point of being obnoxious. As if to "beat ones chest" obviously, by his or her own volume and actions, saying LOOK AT ME. Stems from very low self-esteem!
"I listened to him Tarzan until I thought my head would explode!!!"
"He Tarzaned me until I just had to walk away."
by 1KewlDad March 20, 2015
verb, possibly from the Swahili. Not letting go of one romantic relationship until getting a firm hold on another of an equal or greater value; derived from the fictional jungle character Tarzan as he swings from vine to vine. This activity is common of a person who cannot be alone.
Althea did not want to tarzan to Roger when she realized that her love affair with Marvin was doomed. Instead, she waited for several months after her break-up with Marvin before asking Roger out on a date.
by MilkandHoney February 03, 2010
starter of AIDS
Tarzan=starter of aids
by Jesus310 April 26, 2011
The coolest guy to ever grace the earth. Used to discribe a very cool person or incredibly talented person. A mastergamer term.
Wow that person has some Tarzan skill.
by Bob April 29, 2003
A white kid raised by black parents.
Mike: So Joe, i hear that your a Tarzan?
Joe: Really? whats a tarzan?
Mike: well weren't you raised by black people?
Joe: Ya i guess your right, im a Tarzan
by coreyizhere March 06, 2010
name of a particularly not well groomed male with bad manners.
"Jaren is Tarzan i swear it"
by ulysees s grant February 08, 2010
To "do a tarzan" means to masturbate.
Damn that bitch is hot! I gotta go do a Tarzan, I can't think staight!
by Apfelstrudel August 10, 2006

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